11 Places to Find Home Health Care Aides

December 12, 2016

There are a few common places that many families use to recruit home health aides. The most frequently used sources are:

-Independent Living Centers

-Your doctor’s office

-Nursing Schools

-Physical Therapy Schools

-Vocational Schools (Including Certified Nursing Assistant programs)

-A home health-care agency

-State Department of Developmental Disability or County Vocational Rehabilitation

-Ads in local newspapers/classifieds

-Bulletin boards at schools, community colleges, places of worship, etc.

-Word of mouth


Centers for Independent Living (CILs) often provide training programs for home health aides. CILs assist people with disabilities to live independently and offer information on managing personal assistants and a referral service. As with any other referral service, you should check the references and do an extensive interview on personal assistants. Similar programs are offered in rural areas called programs for rural independent living.

Senior centers can also be valuable resources as many maintain a list of people willing to do attendant work. If you have sough medical attention in the past, your physician, social worker, rehabilitation therapist, or other medical staff may have information on home health aides.

You may also want to contact nursing schools in your area either directly or posting job listings on their bulletin boards. Nursing students are frequently looking to gain experience and will likely view your care needs very seriously.

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